Water 4 Mercy together with innovation: Africa is bringing innovative Israeli solar and water technologies to remote African villages.  

The remotely monitored advanced solar powered water wells are 100% successful.  

Drip irrigation for farming is then implemented and is a means for the villagers to get out of poverty and move towards financial independence.   

Working towards a permanent sustainable solution!


Latest Featured Article

Marian Helper Magazine article about the 

creation of Water4Mercy,  pg 28

Water4Mercy takes Thirteenth of The Month Newsletter to Uhuru Peak MT. Kilimanjaro

Water 4 Mercy Donor Trip Information

Celebrate with the villagers as they drink clean water.  Your group will be there as the village water taps are turned on for the very first time.  

Our Giving Levels

Help a Village to survive for one day <$99

Help a village survive for one month $100-$499

Help a village survive for six months. $500-$999

Help a village survive one extra year. $1000-$4999

Help a village survive five extra years $5000-$9,999

Help a village survive an extra 10 years. $10,000 - $17,999

Help a saved family to survive an extra 25 years. $18,000-$49,000

The Rolfe Group

Help us saved a life to live “fully” and with dignity $50,000-$74,000

Help a saved life have LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY with drip irrigation farming $75,000+