‼️ 💦Our Mission💦 ‼️

 💦Transforming our world with clean 

life-giving water and innovative agricultural solutions 💦

‼️ Dig a village a well and they will drink for a day. Then teach that village innovative farming and they will eat and drink for a lifetime. " ‼️

Water Crisis Shortage of Water African Villagers Digging For Water Thirsty Find in Africa

Why We Do It

We share Israel's innovative water and agricultural solutions essential for life and livelihood, thereby promoting dignity and mercy as persons of God! Access to clean water and farming is THE ANSWER to providing a healthy food source and permanently breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in remote Africa.


Our PROVEN, SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION to transform our world!

In partnering with Israeli NGOs innovation:Africa (iA) & CultivAid, remote African villages benefit from 

advanced Israeli solar and water technologies.

iA accesses water that is trapped in the aquifers below the ground through solar-powered water wells.

Remotely monitored pumping systems provide 

over 20,000 liters of 


CultivAid's innovative drip irrigation systems allow families to 

grow 130% - 200% more food with less water, providing a means for financial independence.

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Water 4 Mercy School of Agriculture (WAMSA)

Almost 800 million people lack access to safe, clean drinking water. 

Over 800 million people around the world are malnourished.

WAMSA is an innovative solution to break the chains of poverty.

Designed to transfer knowledge, WAMSA is a hands-on curriculum that incorporates the collaborative water and agricultural expertise of innovation:Africa and CultivAid at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Dodoma, Tanzania to 

support community development and improve the livelihoods 

of impoverished villages.

Every drop and every dollar counts!

Join us as we continue to bring clean water and drip irrigation farming to those most vulnerable!

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